Thought of the day: 

"As I preserve my original qualities, I can do or govern anything. I live with radical humility." Lao-tzu

28th Verse

Know the strength of man but keep a woman's care! Be a valley under heaven; if you do, the constant virtue will not fade away. One will become like a child again. Know the white, keep the black, and be the pattern of the world. To be the pattern of the world is to move constantly in the path of virtue without erring a single step and to return again to the infinate. One who understands splendor while holding to humility acts in accord with eternal power. To be the fountain of the world is to live with the abundant life of virtue. When the unformed is formed into object its original qualities are lost. If you preserve your original qualities you can govern anything. Truly, the best governor governs least.

July 22, 1943 October 17, 2014

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