Thought of the day: 

"The Great Tao has no expectations for me, no demands, no battles or wars to fight and no history to live up to." Lao-tzu

51st Verse

The way connects all living beings to their Source. It springs into existance, unconscious, perfect, free; takes on a physical body; lets circumstances complete it. Therefore all beings honor the Way and value its virtue. They have not been commanded to worship the Tao and do homage to virtue but they always do so spontaneously. The Tao gives them life. Virtue nourishes and nurtures them, rears and shelters and protects them. The Tao produces but does not possess; the Tao gives without expecting; the Tao fosters growth without ruling. This is called hidden virtue...

July 22, 1943 October 17, 2014

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