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Slapping yourself silly

This is a warm-up exercise that I learned from watching a video entitled Discovering Chi, Energy Exercises for the Beginner. I felt that this warm up exercise was so beneficial that I decided to incorporate it into my daily Chi Kong routine and I intend to recommend it to clients: I have named it Slapping Yourself Silly.

Stand with feet shoulder width apart, tongue touching the roof of the mouth, begin this exercise by turning at the waist allowing your arms to move with the upper part of your body like that of a ragdoll. Turn from one side to the other at whatever pace you are comfortable allowing your arms to slap wherever they land; as you begin, your arms will slap you at approximately hip level, and as you gain momentum they will begin to slap higher around the waist. Guide your arms to gradually raise a bit at a time eventually slapping yourself in the shoulder and behind your shoulders. Then work your way down again. Next using a fist or open hand, slap yourself in the pelvic area approximately 25 times, this releases stagnant chi in the pelvic area - good for women who missed a period or who have been without one in a while and men who have issues related to prostate. From there slap yourself at the top and inside of your thighs and work your way down to your ankles then work yourself back up the sides of your legs, your buttocks, up to your kidneys and back around to the front. Slap yourself up the front of your chest and then over to your left arm, down the inside of your arm to the wrist turning the wrist around and working your way back up the outside of the arm to the under-arm. The under-arm is the least touched part of the body so stay there a while and feel the chi release, this is the gallbladder and spleen channels. Once you are done one side work your way over to the other side of your body, repeating the same slapping movement on your right side. Now back to the pelvic abdominal area and work both your hands slapping their way to the back - the kidney area, stay there a while. Pain or blockages indicate stagnant chi, work it out.

This exercise would be practiced at the beginning of your Chi Kong routine and is intended as a warm up exercise to release and stimulate Chi.

My personal experience: this exercise moved a lot of Chi, especially in the arm pits and under arms; I felt old emotions surface; by the end of this warm up exercise I felt invigorated.


Things to be mindful of:

- keep the tongue touching the roof of the mouth to increase the flow of Chi

- the Top of the head is called the Hundred Meeting Point - the Heavenly Energy Point

- inner canvas of the eyes - The Eye Bright Points - keep eyes directed

- palms of the hands - The Palace of Toil - feel the energy in your palms

- lower trunk of body - The Lower Trunk Point - keep spine straight and knees bent

- either sides of your ankle bones - The Yang Extending Points - important to be mindful of free flow chi at side of body

- soles of feet - The Bubbling Spring Points - helps to receive energy from the ground

- use Chi to circulate throughout body, not muscles!

*Based on the Body Clock theory the ideal time to treat any organ with a Chi Kung exercise is during the peak time of the 2 hour intervals as indicated on the chart. However, speaking in terms of practicality while being mindful of traditional sacred periods of the day, the ideal time to practice Chi Kung exercises is during the hours of the living breath from midnight to noon; the middle of the living breath - 6 o'clock a.m. or sunrise is the ideal time of day.*


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