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Contact the Web Witch for your personal and business web presence

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Frequently Asked Questions


This page contains answers to common questions handled by our support staff.

  1. How do I determine what kind of site... ?
  2. Where can I find statistics... ?
  3. Why would someone pick crb40 ... ?
  4. Who are your customers ... ?
  5. What are your prices?
  6. When can we meet?

How do I determine what kind of site I need?

If you are unsure about what kind of web-site you want, we will meet with you at your convenience to give consultations and free estimates.

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Where can I find statistics on the number of hits my site gets?

This service is provided in most packages we offer. We would be happy to give you monthly or even weekly statistics for each page on your site.

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Why would someone pick crb40 designs over other web designers?

Our goal is to make web sites as user-friendly as possible. We spent years surfing the net and we know how frustrating it can be; it sometimes seems there is so much scrolling that by the time one reaches the bottom of the page one cannot remember what one was looking for in the first place. We want your customers to locate the answers to their questions without confusion.

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Who are your customers?

We went into this business with the goal of getting all small businesses on-line. We know how expensive and confusing web-designers can be. We will take the confusion out of it and make web-sites financially accessible to all.

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What are your prices?

We have packages to suit everyone. We have monthly payment packages that will include monthly statistics and fine-tuning; we have simple one-page web-sites with no maintenance required; we have consulting and estimates; and we can compose and/or edit what you want to say. 

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When can we meet?

At your convenience. I will come to a location convenient to you, any time of the day so that we can discuss what you want to tell your customers and how. Your site will reflect you.  

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