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Downward Dog - Ardo Mukha Svanasana

***Opens Root (1st) and Third Eye (6th) Chakras***

Bend down, with palms beside feet, stretch left leg straight back as far as you can reach, right foot remains between hands. Bring right leg back to meet left leg, the body now forms an arch, with head between arms and heels stretching toward floor.


-toning calves and ankles

-stretch back and shoulders

-stretch lower back

-increases strength flexibility of shoulders

-ham strings, calf muscles, achilles are stretched

-is an all-over rejuvenating stretch

CAUTION: consult your doctor before attempting this pose if you are pregnant, suffer from diarrhea, suffer carpal tunnel syndrome or persistent headaches.


Revised: 12/27/2010


Buddhist Doctrines

***CAUTION: please consult with your doctor before beginning a new Yoga exercise program***

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