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Energy Healing

"The occurrence of disease is due to insufficiently balanced qi." Nei Ching

What is Chi? Chi means energy or life force.  For centuries Oriental medical traditions have referred to a mysterious and invisible energy that exists throughout the universe; a vital energy that drives and sustains all living organisms; everything in the universe is alive with this energy force making the universe a vast energetic network. Modern day science is now discovering what Sages have known all along: that our minds and our bodies are fields of energy that vibrate at different frequencies. Getting the chi to flow freely with ease (rather than dis-ease) is the intention of Reiki and energy healing. In the orient it is common practice for the medical practitioners to apply acupuncture or acupressure to the blocked or out of balanced meridians and send their patients home with herb medicines and a series of chi exercises as in chi-gong.


Energy, chi, qi, ki, spirit, wakan

whatever name you use...

"The ideal in the universe and in life is to be both yin and yang, to strike the right balance and be in harmony." Stanley D Wilson, Ph.D

The yin/yang principle is the basis of oriental medical philosophy. It is the theory upon which alternative methods of healing are based: Chi Kung, acupuncture, acupressure, herbology, massage, reiki, and yoga, all share in the belief that when the yin and yang are balanced the Chi flows freely and we enjoy good health, chi flows with ease; when yin and yang are out of balance, Chi is blocked and illness results, dis-ease.


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