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A Day of Right Speech - A Healing Practice

Awakening the Buddhist Heart - Lama Surya Das

"May this day of right speech bring gentle blessings to those around me; may the blessing extend throughout the world."

Start the day with a heartfelt prayer that reaffirms your intention to always speak with compassion and love.

Centre and collect yourself each time you speak. Be mindful of all your words. Even if you want to say something as banal as "please pass the potatoes," be conscious of your tone of voice, and whether you are saying what you really want to say.

Find ways to keep your words gentle, loving, accurate, and positive. Do this even if you are annoyed and upset.

See if you can discover better ways to talk to others that will open up new channels of communication.

Don't lie and don't use words to manipulate or control others.

Don't gossip.

Don't say anything about anyone that you wouldn't say if that person were present.

Use your words to encourage those around you.

Express your most positive thoughts and feelings. Tell others that you care about them.

Don't chatter; don't use words just to fill empty spaces with noise.

Don't become nervous about the absence of speech; allow yourself and others to be silent.

Cultivate a way of speaking that is simple and spare.

Don't interrupt others; let the people around you finish their sentences and express their thoughts.

Use your words to convey patience.

Use your words to express gentleness and kindness.

Try to make at least one person feel better because of something you say.

Use your words to convey friendship, encouragement, and support.

Try to phone and connect with at least one loved one with whom you have lost touch.

Write a note to someone you care about, expressing your positive feelings.

Take the time to express support for someone else's work or personal project.

Think about the people you know who have suffered losses. Take the time today to write notes expressing your sympathy and empathy.

A day of right speech can only help your karma. Keep up the good word.

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