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*Chakra Yoga*

"Chakras are metaphysical vortices of energy originating in the ancient Indian system of healing which positions them in seven major centres down the body, controlling the flow of subtle energies. They symbolize the connection between the spiritual and the physical, and coincide with the body's endocrine system. When they are in balance each of the seven major chakras helps a particular part of the body to function perfectly. When unbalanced, dysfunctional, or 'blocked', a whole range of mental, emotional,and physiological conditions can manifest..." Liz Simpson

"Yoga is experienced in that mind which has ceased to identify itself with its vacillating waves of perception. When this happens, then the Seer is revealed, resting in its own essential nature, and one realizes the True Self." Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Yoga Positions

Please click on each picture for details about the position. To return to this page use your back button or click on the colourful lotuses above.

Tip: it is a good practice to follow each backbend exercise with a forward bend exercise and vise versa, a stretch with a contraction and vise versa.

***CAUTION: please consult with your doctor before you begin a new Yoga exercise program**

Cobra (Bhujangasona)2.jpg (37061 bytes) Apanasana assignmentB1.jpg (39477 bytes) assignmentB2.jpg (39847 bytes)

Bhujangasana - the Cobra

Apanasana - Knees to chest


Bridge (Setu Bandhasana)1.jpg (39235 bytes) pelvic rock position 1a.jpg (39497 bytes) pelvic rock position 2a.jpg (39940 bytes)

Setu Bandhasara - the Bridge

Standing Pelvic Rock

Standing Pelvic Rock 2

Locust (Shalabhasena) pose1a.jpg (36167 bytes) Locust (Shalabhasena) pose2a.jpg (36957 bytes) Locust (Shalabhasena) pose3a.jpg (36794 bytes)

Shalabhasana - Locust

Shalabhasana - Locust

Shalabhasana - Locust

DownwardDog (ArdoMukhaSvanasana)1.jpg (37691 bytes) ShoulderStand (Sarva Anga Asana)2.jpg (38312 bytes) assignmentH1.jpg (37977 bytes)

Ardo Mukha Svanasana - Downward Dog

Sarve Ange Asana -   Shoulder Stand

Arms behind head stretch

Pelvic tiltposition1.jpg (37883 bytes) pelvic tiltposiiton2a.jpg (36193 bytes) Camel (Ustrasana)1.jpg (37544 bytes)

Pelvic Tilt 1

Pelvic Tilt 2

Ustrasana - Camel

Cat Stretch (Marjariasana)1.jpg (36306 bytes) Lotus (Ardha Padmasana)1.jpg (37281 bytes) assignmentLposition1a.jpg (37377 bytes)

Marjarisana - Cat Stretch

Ardha Padmasana - Lotus

Frog Pose - Bhekasana

assignmentLposition2a.jpg (36922 bytes) assignmentMposition1a.jpg (39795 bytes) assignmentMposition2a.jpg (39459 bytes)

Frog Pose - Bhekasana

Mountain Pose

One-legged Mountain Pose

assignmentMposition3a.jpg (38325 bytes) mounting headstand1.jpg (37381 bytes) headstand (Sirsha-asana)1.jpg (39876 bytes)


Sirsha asana - Head Stand

Sirsha asana - Head Stand

headstand (Sirsha-asana) variation1.jpg (31326 bytes) Spinal twist (Poorna Matsyendrasana)a.jpg (37782 bytes) Spinal twist (Poorna Matsyendrasana)2a.jpg (37337 bytes)

Sirsha asana - Head Stand

Poorna Matsyendrasana Spinal Twist

Poorna Matsyendrasana Spinal Twist

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